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You've Got To Move It, Move It: Helpful Tips On How To Pack For Moving Day

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When planning a move, packing away household items may seem like a daunting task. A great way to prevent becoming overwhelmed is planning properly ahead of time. Using plenty of packing supplies and organizing accordingly will make all the difference when it comes time to store items ready for a move. Read ahead for a few tips on how to make moving an easier and more convenient process. To learn more, contact a facility that offers packing supplies.

Boxing It Up

When tackling the task of boxing up one's belongings before a move, some simple planning will be required. Rather than grabbing random objects from each room to pack away, try to keep boxes within each respective room. A box labeled for kitchen goods, for instance, should only contain items belonging to the kitchen. This will come in handy when unpacking and make the process far easier. As a general rule, placing heavier objects on the bottom will leave room at the top for lighter items. Filling up boxes to the top will help minimize the need for additional packing supplies and keep everything far more organized. Smaller boxes are especially useful for items that tend to weigh more, such as books, while larger boxes can be used for decor, bedding, and pillows. This style of packing will guarantee that boxes are as easy to manage as possible, an absolute must for moving day. 

Fragile Items

Considering the hustle and bustle that surrounds moving day, fragile items should be given extra attention to be packed as carefully as possible. Bubble wrap, honeycomb packing paper, and foam pouches all offer substantial protection for items that may be prone to breaking. Dishes, for example, can easily be slipped into a foam pouch and layered on top of each other. Adding the additional protective layer of bubble wrap on the top, bottom, and sides of the box will guarantee that they will be transported without the risk of breakage. Labeling boxes that contain fragile materials will also help movers discern which items need special care. 

Ready for Storage

For those who are facing a delay moving into their new space, self-storage units make for an excellent alternative to keeping valuables safe. Bringing boxes into the storage space can easily be accomplished using dollies provided by the facility. With the option of temperature-controlled rooms and a variety of locks to choose from, valuables can be stored safely in a controlled environment that owners can access at any time. What's more convenient about a storage facility is that many carry a wide array of packing supplies as well, making for a great way for those moving to snag a few extra supplies they may have forgotten.