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Which Self-Storage Unit Solutions Are Right For You?

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Self-storage solutions can help you clear clutter out of your home or move to a new property with ease. Asking yourself these four questions can help you choose the self-storage unit solutions that are ideal for you:

1. How often will you visit your storage unit?

People who rent storage units have different needs and preferences. Some people choose to store their belongings and then forget about them for months or even years at a time. Others use their storage units like a separate garage or closet and remove or replace items constantly. Deciding how often you'll visit your storage unit can help you choose the right storage solution. People who plan to visit their storage units often may want to choose a storage facility that offers 24/7 access.

2. What kind of access do you need?

When choosing a self-storage unit solution, you'll also need to think about what type of access you need. For example, some people store large or heavy items that may be difficult to transport. If you plan to store vehicles, furniture, or other large items, you may want to rent a storage unit located on the ground floor of your self-storage facility. Some storage facilities are designed to offer drive-up services for clients located on this floor. People who choose to rent small storage units to store items that are easy to transport may be more comfortable renting storage units located on upper floors. Many storage facilities offer elevators to make it easy to access storage units located above the ground floor.

3. Do you plan to store more things in the future?

Self-storage units are typically rented by size. Renting a storage unit that is just large enough to hold all your items is a good way to save money. However, if you plan to store additional things in the future, you may want to take that into consideration when choosing your storage unit. Renting a storage unit large enough to hold all of your intended items can save you the hassle of renting and moving into a new storage unit down the line. Choosing a storage unit that offers room to grow may also allow you to take advantage of annual rental plans that may offer discounted rent.

4. Is climate control necessary for you?

Finally, you should consider if climate control is necessary for you. Climate-controlled storage units use heating and cooling systems to keep your belongings at a moderate temperature in all weather. They also keep humidity out to keep moisture from damaging your things.

For more information on storage unit solutions, contact a professional near you.