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4 Key Things Every Reliable Storage Unit Should Have

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Have you finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and secure yourself a self-storage unit for your personal belongings or business inventory? As a first-timer, it can be quite hard to choose the right storage unit. The decision you are about to make might open new ground and allow you to utilize secure storage units or shy away from trying it again. So, what makes a storage facility safe and reliable? Here is a checklist to guide you during the searching process.

1. Tight Security

Renting a storage unit means that it is going to be your belonging's second home. Take a look at how you have struggled to reinforce security in your home. An ideal storage unit is no different. The self-storage services of your choice should be well monitored and protected 24/7. It would help if you chose a storage facility with a surveillance system. You can also install security cameras to protect your storage unit. The storage facility should have an access gate whenever you need to visit, and it should also be well-lit throughout to deter burglars.

2. Excellent Hygiene

Take a look at how well the storage units have been maintained and cleaned. Would you live there? Excellent hygiene standards indicate that the self-storage service providers are responsible and dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction. An unkempt storage unit attracts destructive elements such as pests, mold, and rodents that can damage your possessions. Damage to your business inventory translates to loss.

3. Climate-Control Features

You want to get value for your money when renting a storage unit. Make an effort to single out units that aren't climate-controlled. The self-storage service providers must understand that temperature and humidity can affect your possessions' condition. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can cause water retention in your items, such as artwork. Wood items and furniture tend to contract and expand, resulting in cracks and warps. Ensure that the storage units are climate-controlled to preserve the integrity and quality of your belongings.

4. Insured Units

Insurance is often overlooked by most individuals renting storage units. What happens to your belongings in the case of a fire or storm? Who becomes liable for the damage? Before signing a contract, ensure the self-storage provider has valid insurance papers for all storage units and the items stored. This should give you peace of mind knowing that your assets have been protected in the event of any destruction that's not your fault.

These features show you the perfect image of a good and secure storage unit. Checking through these critical things should help you find the right fit for your items and give you some peace of mind. Ensure you choose a reliable storage facility dedicated to offering quality storage services.

If you have any questions, contact a local self-storage service.