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3 Reasons Why Small Shops Owners Need to Rent a Storage Container

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Are you the owner of a small retail shop? Do you struggle with where to put your seasonal inventory before it's time for that inventory to appear on the shelves? Depending on the exact type of business you have, it's not unusual to have to start ordering and receiving seasonal items months in advance. There may be snow on the ground outside but you already have summer merchandise on hand. It could be hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk but your winter stock has arrived and is waiting.

A lot of small business owners have no idea how to handle this and wind up irritating both customers and employees. Savvy business owners, on the other hand, know that the solution may lie in renting a large storage container. Some advantages of this include:

1. No building permits

You probably don't even own the building that your shop is located in, meaning that you can't simply go adding onto it whenever you want. But even when you do own the building itself, you still can't just decide to start a construction project and that's it. There is a long process that you'd have to go through to get the necessary permits, find contractors, and so forth. On the other hand, when you rent a storage container, your municipality may not require permits at all. You might only need to get the permission of the property owner or you might need an easy-to-get permit from the city.

2. Multiple sizes

When you rent a storage container, you aren't restricted to a single size like you are when you add on to a building. If you were to add to the building your shop is in, that'd be it. You wouldn't be able to add more space. With storage containers, you can start out with a small one and then get a larger one or even a second one as-needed. When you go through merchandise quickly but you don't necessarily have space to keep it all between deliveries, a storage container can help.

3. Temporary

If you find yourself needing to rent a storage container year-round, it'll be time to think about moving your shop to a bigger location. But the rental can be a good stop-gap measure to help keep your business growing while you search for the perfect location. It's also great when you only get a few large seasonal deliveries throughout the year and otherwise don't need the storage space. When the container isn't needed, you don't have to pay to keep it next to your shop.

For more information on how to rent a storage container, contact local storage facilities.