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Adopting a Puppy? A Storage Unit Can Protect Your Furniture

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Adopting a puppy is something that you may have been wanting to do for a long time, but you also want to become a homeowner before taking on this responsibility. You may feel excited about bringing home an adopted dog to a place that you own, especially because you can make sure that everything from the inside to the outside accommodates their needs as a puppy.

But, one of the things that you may know about puppies is how much of a mess they can make in your home as well as how destructive they can be while growing up. This makes it well worth renting a storage unit for a few months or until you feel like you can trust them in the house.


A great idea is to store any furniture that you want to prevent from getting damaged. While you may not want any piece to get damaged, you may still want to live in a furnished home. For instance, you can decide just to store sentimental pieces to preserve them as much as possible.

Adding protective supplies such as waterproof cushion covers will help you keep some pieces around without worrying too much about bathroom accidents. A smart plan is to rent a storage unit slightly larger than what you need because you may find that your puppy likes to chew on wood after you bring them home, which may then encourage you to store wood furniture.


If you have any decorations low enough that your puppy could reach if they were to jump up, you should consider putting these pieces into storage for the time being. Also, if you are adopting a large breed, you may want to look even higher for storing decorations temporarily. This will help you avoid a situation in which your puppy damages or destroys any of your decorations.


In your house, you may have several rugs set up to minimize wear and tear on the flooring underneath or to improve the look of a room. Storing your rugs is one of the best things to do since there is a decent chance for them to be at the receiving end of bathroom accidents. As soon as you are confident that your puppy is housetrained, you can bring the rugs back inside.

Renting a storage unit gives you the storage space that you need to store several things that you want to protect before bringing a puppy home. For more information on storage units, contact services like Abes Self Storage.