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3 Ways To Keep Clothing In Good Condition While In Storage

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Keeping your clothing in good shape while put away in a storage unit should be a priority when you have clothes that you'd like to wear in the future. Whether this means you're putting away seasonal items or clothing that you want to pass down for your children, there's several things you should do to make sure the clothes are maintained in storage and won't come with a surprise of being in poor condition later.

Carefully Pack All Your Clothes

As you prepare for renting a storage unit, it's smart to take care to pack everything neatly. Simply putting clothes into cardboard boxes can be a bad decision since it can lead to your clothing being exposed to the air and getting damaged from being stored away for a long time. Using vacuum-sealed bags and making sure that delicate fabrics are properly laundered beforehand can make a big difference in how the clothing looks later on.

Avoid Overfilling the Storage Unit

When you're eager to make sure your items are kept in good shape while in storage, you'll need to make sure the storage units are not full to the brim. While this can seem useful to make the most of the size of the storage unit you rent, it can often lead to frustration over items being stacked atop one another and being harder to reach. By keeping the storage unit somewhat open, you'll be able to access anything inside without much trouble and ensure that the storage is kept in good shape.

Insist on Climate Control Inside

Looking for different storage facilities you can rent from, you'll notice that ones that have climate control can be a bit more expensive, but it could be a great thing to insist on when you want your items to stay in good shape. With clothing that can be a bit more sensitive to damage, having climate control inside can make all the difference in protecting your clothes and avoiding damage related to excessive heat or cold temperatures.

Putting clothing in self storage can come with some challenges since it can be more fragile than heavy boxes or furniture. In order to make sure the storage unit is used as wisely as possible, you need to take a look at what you can do to protect your clothing once it's been put into storage so that you can retrieve them later without any worry about wear and tear.