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Pros And Cons Of Using Self-Storage Instead Of A Storage Pod

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A recent trend in self-storage has been to use storage pods. This is a service where a container is dropped off at your home, you fill it up, and then it is taken away to a storage facility. It's quite different than using a self-storage unit but can be just as effective. However, should you just stick to the classic method of using a self-storage unit? Here are some things to consider when you're considering self-storage.

Pros of Using Self-Storage 

Many people love using a self-storage unit because it provides access to their stuff when they need it. All you need to do is make the drive over to the storage facility while they are open, and you can easily access your unit to get what you want out of storage. This gives you some convenience that cannot be matched by using a storage pod service.

Storage units also have a huge benefit of using climate controls, which you cannot get when using a storage pod. This means that you will have a storage unit where belongings are stored at the proper humidity and temperature levels that will prevent items from being damaged. This is a great benefit for anybody storing temperature-sensitive items, such as furs, leather, or electronic devices.

Cons of Using Self-Storage

The biggest difference you'll find with using a storage pod is that it is much more convenient to load the pod than it is a storage unit. Since a pod is dropped off on your property, you only need to take items to your yard to move them into storage. This certainly beats having to get a moving van to hold everything or making several trips with your vehicle to get it all into a storage unit.

A storage pod can also be cheaper if you do not need to access things frequently. The unit is picked up and delivered to your home, but it is held in a storage facility for the rest of the time. It is not a place that allows customer access at all times, which makes it cheaper to run and more efficient to store items. This results in a lower monthly cost of storing the container compared to renting a storage unit. However, you'll easily pay more for that storage unit if you need to retrieve something out of it and then send it back.

To learn more, contact your local storage facility.